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As a Nintendo Kid Reviewer I was invited to a preview event to set out the new Nintendo Switch!

The graphics are intense!!

I loved every minute playing each game, and can not wait to get the Nintendo Switch in my hands on March 3. Take a look!

As you may know by now I did break my arm, so yes my little sister did beat my butt in Street Fighter 2… I need a rematch once the cast is off!


Kid Review: Shopping for new Nintendo games from home via the eshop #PlayNintendo

#PlayNintendo Kid Reviewer JDPs World

Being a part of the Nintendo Kid Reviewer program has been awesome.  Recently Nintendo sent me a $20 gift card to shop at the eshop!

Mom loved the idea because it meant she didn’t have to take me to the store and wait around for hours until I decide which game to buy.  I also loved shopping the eshop because I could see what the game is about before buying it.

Have you shopped the eshop on the WiiU, or the 3DS? Or do you still shop the old fashion way of getting dressed, getting in the car, and shopping at an actual store?


WiiU Review #PlayNintendo

Disclosure: I am a participant of the Nintendo Kid Reviewers program, and I received free product and access to events, but no monetary or other compensation.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  My experience may differ from your own.

Mom is Not a gamer! Clearly I am, and have asked for the WiiU for 2 years and I got notha!

Then Nintendo invited me to be a part of the Nintendo Kid Review Program.

Yeah BABY, Game ON!

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.32.02 PM

Screams of excitement, because I was so excited when I pulled the WiiU out of the box.  I had a big Math test the next day that I was studying for, so mom allowed dad and I to take out and set up the WiiU, and charged the game pad so it was ready for me when I got home from school the next day.

Set up was super easy, I did most of it myself, you know the part where you unwrap everything. Dad did all the plugging in of the wires. Hey I am just a kid you know.

My favorite part of the setup was creating my Mii, with the camera on the game pad.  It can also be used in games or for video chat.  I used it to take a selfie, and watched as I became a big block head, before I was transformed into a Mii.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.33.07 PM


A feature my family can use is the TV control button, because our remote usually goes into hiding.

The gamepad is a 6.2″ touch screen, and their is a built in speaker, which makes it great to play on when you give up the living room television.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.31.06 AM

The WiiU has built in software:

  • Mii Maker to create your own Mii
  • Internet Browser Makes it easier for me to browse the internet without having to use moms computer
  • MiiVerse where I can connect with Mii’s all over the world (kind of like pen pals for you older folks)
  • WiiU Chat so I can video chat with other friends and family from near and far (No phone bill over here)!
  • Nintendo eShop download your purchase on the WiiU
  • Nintendo TVii a new way to watch tv and interact with so many options to record and watch your favorite shows, and so much more. I think if mom new about this feature I would have had the WiiU when it first came out.

The WiiU is now enjoyed by everyone in the family.  Obviously its a gamers life for me, for my sissy, she can watch tv as I play.  I can also download games, and videos on the WiiU console from the Nintendo e-shop.  Saving my mom from trips to the local video game store, gives her more time to do her stuff.  Mom also plays around with the Nintendo TVii when we are asleep, she thinks I don’t know.  Dad likes to browse the internet and watch the Nintendo Tvii without having to bring his workbag in with his computer.  He works long hours and is usually exhausted when he gets home.

In this first Nintendo Kid Review package I also received video games, and will share what I think of them in my next post.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.11.46 AM


I also received a Mario backpack lunch bag combo, which is cool because they are clipped together, so there is less of a chance of one of them finding there way into the lost and found in school.  Mom isn’t a fan of that area, she says it is a germ fest, and anything that goes there is not allowed back into our house.  Oh yeah, also the coolest water bottle which looks like the controller from the dinosaur days of when mom actually played Nintendo.

Do you have the WiiU?

What is your favorite feature?

If you don’t have it, is it on your wish list from Santa?