Hey guys!  I am so glad I finally get to tell you about this super cool sports game available for the Nintendo 3DS.  Mario Sports Superstars includes 5 different sports Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and Horse Racing.  At the time that I made this video I was all about the Golf game, since then I have played Baseball, and Soccer.  Like many of you I’m sure, I get caught up in one sport and can’t stop playing it until mom nudges me along!

Mario Sports Superstars is available tomorrow March 24, if your a sports fan like me its a must have! Enjoy!

Nintendo also released amiibo cards for Mario Sports Superstars. Mom loves the idea because they are easier to store, they are also easier to bring along when you are on the go.  

Follow along on my Facebook, Twitter, and instagram tomorrow after 3PM when I will be at the Nintendo Store to participate in a competition hosted by Nintendo and Little Player Magazine!

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