Kid Review: Shopping for new Nintendo games from home via the eshop #PlayNintendo

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Being a part of the Nintendo Kid Reviewer program has been awesome.  Recently Nintendo sent me a $20 gift card to shop at the eshop!

Mom loved the idea because it meant she didn’t have to take me to the store and wait around for hours until I decide which game to buy.  I also loved shopping the eshop because I could see what the game is about before buying it.

Have you shopped the eshop on the WiiU, or the 3DS? Or do you still shop the old fashion way of getting dressed, getting in the car, and shopping at an actual store?


16 thoughts on “Kid Review: Shopping for new Nintendo games from home via the eshop #PlayNintendo”

  1. I have not actually done any game shopping in years, my brother used to love gaming and still does but since he left for uni and moved in with his new family we dont do game shopping anymore but love the idea of an eshop

  2. I haven’t used eshop, the WiiU nor the 3DS before, but it looks like a great way to buy new games. My husband buys most of his games for his PC or xbox online.

  3. For games my daughter likes to head over to our local store. It is only a block away and she likes to get the opinion of some of the guys that work their on the games she is looking at.

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