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Hi My name is JD, I am BFF to my sissy, a Nintendo Kid Reviewer, Hip-Hop Dancer and drummer in training, A- student. I have been sharing my thoughts about life with my family for years. Now I have my own blog to share my pint size views of the world with you. Hope you enjoy my adventures, feel free to email or tweet me. I write all my own blog posts, and social media, the parentals make it look cool!

Mario Sports Superstars!

Hey guys!  I am so glad I finally get to tell you about this super cool sports game available for the Nintendo 3DS.  Mario Sports Superstars includes 5 different sports Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and Horse Racing.  At the time that I made this video I was all about the Golf game, since then I have played Baseball, and Soccer.  Like many of you I’m sure, I get caught up in one sport and can’t stop playing it until mom nudges me along!

Mario Sports Superstars is available tomorrow March 24, if your a sports fan like me its a must have! Enjoy!

Nintendo also released amiibo cards for Mario Sports Superstars. Mom loves the idea because they are easier to store, they are also easier to bring along when you are on the go.  

Follow along on my Facebook, Twitter, and instagram tomorrow after 3PM when I will be at the Nintendo Store to participate in a competition hosted by Nintendo and Little Player Magazine!

Share a Valentine… via @Nintendo

I love Valentine’s Day, especially when I can print, and create my very own Nintendo themed Valentine’s to pass out to all of my friends.  I am all about sharing my new fav adorable and cuddly duo Yoshi and Poochy with my friends and family.

You can print out your favorite character themed Valentine’s Day cards too by going to

Phew that was a lot to type!  Ok just click HERE! And enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


As a Nintendo Kid Reviewer I was invited to a preview event to set out the new Nintendo Switch!

The graphics are intense!!

I loved every minute playing each game, and can not wait to get the Nintendo Switch in my hands on March 3. Take a look!

As you may know by now I did break my arm, so yes my little sister did beat my butt in Street Fighter 2… I need a rematch once the cast is off!


A day aboard the Intrepid Museum

Had so much fun today spending the day with mom in the city.  While Mom learned ways to save money for my college fund I was able to learn about The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, a military and maritime history museum with a collection of museum ships in New York City.


I learned doing simple things like opening locks with “Space Hands” are not so easy after all.


Wow, this bed is super thin! My sister could never survive in space her mattress alone is 18 inches. But I think its cool to sort of have bunk beds.
All of the names listed here are of those who have died in service aboard the Intrepid from 1943-1974


Have you ever visited the Intrepid Museum? What was your favorite part?

Nintendo Hosts Disney Art Academy Preview Event with Sabrina Carpenter

Disney Channel actress Sabrina Carpenter, or as I know her Maya Hart, stopped by the Nintendo NY store for a Disney Art Academy preview event.  Spending the morning with playing and getting lesson in Disney Art Academy from Sabrina Carpenter was AWESOME!!

Take a look, at my video below I will admit I was a little shy, how can I not be?!

Have you ever been shy meeting a celebrity?  Tell me about it below in the comments.

Update:  I am totally obsessed with this game, mom says when I am so quiet when playing it, she forgets I am even there. LOL

Sabrina Carpenter and JDP

One Hairy Situation

Running late this morning, and I couldn’t find the hair gel in the bathroom.  Mom runs in and says use that one right there with the star on it.  OK.  So I grab a big ol’ hand full in my hands and start to put it in my hair.  My hair is good, I never check it in the mirror.

Hairy Situation

The conversation went like this:

MOM: What in the world did you do to your hair?

ME: Um I used the stuff you told me too, no good?

MOM: Oh NO! Thats the stuff daddy uses, it makes his face all tingly.

ME:  HMM, thats weird, I don’t feel any tingling….


We clearly were later than we anticipated, because now I needed a shampoo, and blow out.

Hairy Situation
                         After picture was taken much later when I had dinner with my grandpa.

Happy MAR10 Day! #Playnintendo

Today, March 10 is officially MAR10 Day!  As if my family and I needed another reason to enjoy the likes of our favorite Nintendo character.

Celebrated by Mario fans each year, the 10th of March is a special day to remember his impact on pop culture, thanks to how the day on the calendar resembles the beloved character’s name. Nintendo is celebrating with fans by listing some of the famous mustached hero’s achievements throughout the past year and by asking fans to participate by tweeting their favorite Mario moments using the #Mar10Day hashtag.

Mario’s Year in Review:

o   Mario had a big milestone in 2015! He celebrated 30 years since he leaped his way into people’s hearts in 1985’s Super Mario Bros. Fans across the country celebrated with him in this fun video.

o   Nintendo launched Super Mario Maker, a game that lets fans create and share their ownSuper Mario Bros. levels. So far, 6.2 million levels have been created by fans!

o   Facebook’s engineers celebrated Mario by creating their very own Super Mario Maker levels for fans to play. Check them out here.

o   A special 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo was released in a classic 8-bit design. The limited-edition figure was a tribute to the original Super Mario Bros. game that launched for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

o   Mario hit the courts with the launch of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U. In the game, fans play as Mario and friends in intense tennis competitions.

o   For the first time, Mario teamed up with his paper version, Paper Mario, in the colorful action RPG Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for Nintendo 3DS.

o   With the help of his voice actor, Charles Martinet, Mario celebrated the grand opening of the Nintendo NY store in Rockefeller Plaza.

…and Mario will have more to celebrate in 2016! Competing with his friends in the Olympic Games, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is coming to Nintendo 3DS on March 18 (with the Wii U version launching this summer).

Don’t forget to wish all your friends and family “Happy MAR10 Day!”