I met Salma Hayek!

I decided to cut my hair!

Mom keeps saying she can’t see my eyes, and since Mom was taking me to the city to meet Salma Hayek I thought today was the perfect day.



THE MOMS along with PlaqueHD & Funoogles invited us to a MAMARAZZI® event with Salma Hayek for a screening of the new film Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.

The Moms JDPs World
Fredy Mfuko, Mission 101 Media and Eljay Aguillo @whyilovenewyorkcity on IG

That’s my sissy Gia with Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein.

Selma Hayek JDPs World
Fredy Mfuko, Mission 101 Media and Eljay Aguillo @whyilovenewyorkcity on IG
“We have all become consumers and follow what other people dictate for us. We pick a box and we go into that box. We need a generation that thinks outside of the box and that is what the movie was made to do, inspired children to think outside of the box.”
Salma Hayek, The Prophet MAMARAZZI® 2015
Salma Hayek JDPs World
Thank you Salma Hayek for being so sweet and giving my sissy and I a squeeze 🙂
My mom tells me everyday I have the power to change the world, I couldn’t believe when I heard Salma Hayek say those same words.  She said this movie is for kids who think outside of the box and are going to change the world, thats me!  If thats you too I hope you go see The Prophet.

Extra Extra Read all about… ME in Billions!

Extra Extra, Read all about… ME…. Yep Me!  I was called in to be an extra on the new show Billions which will air on Showtime next Spring.  I was a little excited so I wanted to get extra sleep, and went to bed really early the night before.  But before I did I was sure to set my Minions alarm clock my firends at ekids.com sent me.

Stuart can also be used as a nightlight which is good for when my sissy wants to sleep in my room, she is still scared of the dark.  The nightlight has a timer and can be set for 5, 10 or 15 minutes usually just enough time for Gia to fall asleep.

Billions JDPs World


It was really cool to wake up to Stuart and all his different sound effects.  Mom woke up quickly too and was actually laughing when she heard Stuart!  Thats a change, usually she needs coffee before anyone can speak to her.



I hung out in the gym/cafeteria of the school where the show was being filmed until they called for me.  We went through wardrobe, where I noticed French Toast, yes the popular school uniforms were being worn by all the kids in the school scene.  Too Cool!

Here I go!  On the set to be an extra…



It was so much fun to see how a movie actually gets made.  I sometimes go to work with dad but that is different, this time I was behind the camera and I can’t wait to go back!